Lots of things happening at the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society. First, the MRHS Train Show is getting closer. Scheduled for April 29 at Cardinal Elementary School. Vendor tables are selling well, so we expect to have a good crowd.

Memberships are open and we are inviting everyone to join up. Planning and building 3 layouts, yes 3, takes time and lots of hands. Currently the O scale construction is underway with benchwork being constructed next to the main meeting room.

The HO scale layout is currently being designed. It will be the largest of the three, taking up a good amount of space in the 2,000 square foot back room!

There are also plans for an N scale layout, though as yet nothing is set in stone.

In other news, MRHS held its monthly membership meeting Tuesday February 7. Membership meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at the MRHS main headquarters at 2371 Marquette Ave in Muskegon MI.

At the most recent membership meetings, members get an update on the upcoming train show from President Woody.


We have recently acquired a high quality slide and negative scanner. This adds to our digitization capabilites. Our plan is to digitize and preserve the multitude of slides and negatives in our collec-tion, which will be a long term project.
We are always looking for any photographs of Muskegon or West Michigan railroads and boats. If anyone has photos, slides, or negatives that they would like digitized, the MRHS might be willing to do it on the condition that we keep a copy for our purposes. If you are interested, please visit one of our general meetings or any Tuesday evening and talk to Ryan Anderson.

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